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Too All Bass Angler Welcome to the home of the Augusta County Bass the formal Augusta County Bass Jon’s. This website caters to the needs of the Shenandoah Valley & Central Virginia. The areas affected are in Augusta, Highland, Albemarle, Nelson County, Amherst County, as well as the rest of the counties in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia. There is a wealth of Bass Fishing knowledge within our local fishing community, where we are openly willing to share that knowledge with other anglers, as well as listen to any information given - provided that it’s legitimate and of good taste. This website supports Augusta County Bass and its club members, the "Shenandoah Valley Bass Fishing Resource” website, and the local fishing community. It is the intention of Augusta County Bass  to act as a source of information for all Virginians fishing the local area waters. Our website is designed to keep you knowledgeable and informed of local events and fishing tips .

Bass Tournaments, Fishing Expo, Bbq Chicken, Kids fishing, Awards Banquet

The Augusta County Bass is a family club. We offer 11 bass Tournaments, Augusta County Fishing Expo, 3 Fatboy Bbq Chicken fundraiser , Free Kids fishing day Big awards banquet. We are going on our 15th year.    If you are interested in joining us on the water please contact me  Membership Fee is $35.00 a Year with Tournaments fee of $30.00 with 80% paid back Big fish is $10.00 with 100% payback. Contact Information  Doug Fitzgerald  540-910-0078 acbassjons@yahoo.com Augusta Co Bass on Facebook

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Doug Fitzgerald 



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Tournament & Events


Tournaments & Events Schedule

Tournaments & Events Schedule 

January 26, 2019   2018 Awards Banquet Common Ground Fishersville VA  

February 10, 2019 Membership Drive meeting  4:00pm  Guys K Stump Elem School  

March  2,3, 2019 Augusta Co Fishing Expo 9am-5pm Augusta Expo  Sit up is March 1st, 2019 

March 23, 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament Lake Anna  7am-3pm ice or snow will be cancel!

April 13, 2019 Bass Tournament  Chesdin Lake  Seven Sping Marina 7am-3pm

May 11, 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament Leesville Lake  7am-3pm  Damm Area 


May 25 2019 Bass Tournament 7am-3pm Lake Moomaw  Fortney Branch 7am-3pm  

June 8, 2019 Free Kids fishing day Wilson workforce Fishersville VA 9am-1pm  

June 22,23,,2019 Bass Fishing Tournament Chick River & Chick Lake  6am-2pm Ed Allen 

July 13, 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament 6am-2pm Chick James River Front Park 

 July 27, 2019 Fatboy Bbq Chicken Fisherville Baptist Church  

August 9,10,11,,2O19 Anniversary getaway  Kerr Lake No Points fun weekend big fish contest. Members bring food sides and drinks . The club will provide the house and the meat.. 

August 24, 2019 Fatboy Bbq Chicken Fisherville Baptist Church   

September 14, 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament 7am-3pm Rapp River  City Docks

September 28, 2019 Bass Fishing Tournament 7am-3pm James River Osborne Landing 

Oct 12,13,2019, Club Classsic 

7am-3pm Smith Mt Lake Parkway Marina 100% pay back ,double points

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Club By-Laws


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AUGUSTA COUNTY BASS BY-LAWS Update November 2018    

Article I—Name, Purpose  Name  The club name shall be Augusta County Bass (formally) Augusta County Bass Jon’s  

Purpose 1. To improve our skills as bass anglers through a fellowship of friendly exchange of expert bass catching techniques and ideals 2. To promote and encourage youth and family fishing, and love for this recreation. 3. To support our state conservation department efforts and to report problems and concerns to the proper authorities. (Share the Knowledge)     

Article II—Membership  Number of members 1. The club shall maintain at least 6 members. Requirements for membership 1. Voluntarily express a genuine interest in the membership. 2 Be 18 years of age, if fewer than 18 must have parental consent. 3 Be voted on by membership with a 2/3 majority vote. (Proxies are allowed) 

4. All NEW MEMBERS must first attend 1 club meeting or tournament to include the Fishing Expo 5. Club dues need to be pay in full by the first Tournament 6. Maintain a good attitude towards other members and respect their views and interests. 7. New Members can join at any point during the Tournament season. 8. Any member of the club that shows unsportsmanlike conduct can be voted out or asked not to return the following year as determine by the club officers. If you are dismissed from the club you may be reinstated as a member after a formal apology is given to all club members and a vote is taken.  A majority vote will reinstate member. 

9. All boats are welcome; When outboard is on plain you must have PFD and kill switch on 10.  If you are the boat operator a copy of your boating license must be attached to your membership application. 

11.Member of Augusta County Bass can be a member of another fishing club or participate in other tournament trails.  Members are expected to keep Augusta County Bass Club business confidential unless it involves promoting the club, such as inviting other clubs to Kid’s fishing day. 

Membership Dues 1. The membership dues shall be $35 annually for new members and $25.00 for returning members, payable at the yearly membership meeting and no later than the first scheduled tournament. 2. Paid dues are not refundable at any time. Dues will assist in the purchase of trophies, awards and any club sponsored events or charities. Meeting of Members 1. There will be a membership meeting held every year in February. 2. Club meetings will be held after each tournament if concerns are raised by officers or members. 3.

There will be an Officer meeting held every year in November, this is to vote and determine the upcoming tournament schedule and or change to the by-laws. Any suggestions for change must be given in writing to the President or Tournament Director of the club, by the end of October. Social Media 

The Club Facebook page and website is for members to enjoy. Concerns should be addressed with the club officers or tournament director. Negative posts or arguments will not be tolerated on the Facebook page or website. Such could result in blocking from club site or removal from the club as determined by the Club Officers.    " No Picture should be copy or save or screen shot without the owners permission)  Copy rights laws          


  Article III—Tournament, Events and Recognitions  Tournaments 1. Tournament dates will be decided and approved at the November Officer Meeting.  2.Tournament locations and dates will be placed on club website, and a paper copy will be handed out at the membership meeting in February. 3. Tournament Cancellations will be determined by the President and/or Tournament Director. 4. Tournament locations may be changed due to bad weather or if a large tournament is scheduled to launch at the same location.  

1. If location needs to be changed it will be replaced with Lake Anna.  2. If the tournament is canceled it will not be rescheduled.  3. Members will be notified by Wednesday before the tournament of any cancellation or location change. Tournament Rules Pre-tournament 1. Pre –Fishing is allowed  2. Any changes to the tournament location or times will be communicated by Wednesday prior to the scheduled tournament date. 3. Launch sequence, meeting site and meeting times will be exact times as directed by the club’s Tournament Director. 4. Tournament times will be posted per the schedule.  

Please notice start (launch time) and stop(return) times change throughout the season. Day of Tournament 1. The tournament will start on time. If you are going to be late please call one of the Officers or Tournament director.  2. The start time is the Launch Time of the tournament.  All teams should be at the launch site at least 30 minutes prior to the Launch time. 3. At arrival, you must have your live-well checked by a club officer.  4. You must also pay your entry fee to the Club Treasure prior to the Launch of the tournament. 5. Fishing is not allowed until the tournament is started by the tournament director. Fishing before the tournament has started will result in disqualification from the tournament and loss of your tournament fees.

 Please keep all bait and poles in your boat until tournament start. Tournament 1. Boats will leave to start the tournament at the assigned time. Example being that the tournament is schedule for 6 am.  The first boat will leave to start tournament at 6. The tournament director may make the decision to launch the tournament at Safe Light if all teams are present and have paid, had the live well check completed and a launch sequence has been established.  2. All anglers have to have their life jackets on anytime their boat is on plain. 

3. No live bait is to be used in the club events, only artificial bait and pork baits are allowed 4. Landing nets are permitted for the safety of the fish. 5. No alcohol or drugs are allowed during club events and functions. 6. Only one rod and reel are to be used at one time to fish, you may have as many as you want ready to fish. Trolling is not allowed. 7. There is a maximum of only two club members in a boat during any/all tournaments unless a small child want to come. (Must be improve by the officers.)

 8.  All members need to stay in the boat unless there is an emergency or unless you have to use the restroom. 9. Only club members in good standings are permitted to participate in any tournament. 

10. No more than 5 bass can be in possession by a team unless there is a dead fish. You can replace the dead fish with a live fish. It is the team’s responsibility to make every effort to keep the fish alive.   11. We must obey the state slot limit. When you measure a bass it has to be closed mouth and pinched tail and belly towards the tournament director. The club’s tournament ruler will be used for all measurements. Any fish brought to the weigh-in that are in the slot will result of disqualification of that fish only. Tournament End 

1. All teams must be at the launch site at the assigned end time of the tournament. 2. The first boat on location has the right-away. 3. For every minute a team is late returning at the end of the tournament will result in a 4 oz. per minute late penalty (up to 10 minutes). More than 10 minutes late will result in automatic disqualification. Weigh In 1. Weigh in will start 15 minutes after end time 2. We must obey the state slot limit. When you measure a bass it has to be closed mouth and pinched tail and belly towards the tournament director. The club’s tournament ruler will be used for all measurements. Any fish brought to the weigh-in that are in the slot will result of disqualification of that fish only 

3. Each team can weigh their 5 best fish. 4. Dead fish are allowed to be weighed in as one of the tournament bag; 8oz will be taken off of the total weight of the bag for each dead fish.  5. Dead fish cannot win the big fish of the tournament or year. 6. Late return penalty will be taken off of the total weight of the bag. 7. Weigh in will be completed by the Tournament Director and recorded by the assigned recorder. 8. Weigh in will be done on the Club Tournament scales.   9. If the club scales become inoperable, a substitute digital scale owned by the club will be used and the weight in will be repeated. 


Please do not return your fish to the lake until the weigh in is completed.  If you return your fish to the lake and the weigh in is restarted your previous weight will not be considered and you will be disqualified. 10.

The weight of the fish announced by the tournament director will require an agreement by the tournament director and the team members. 11. Anyone one who participates in the Big Fish must identify which fish in the bag they want to be weighed for consideration. 12. If two teams have the same weight during a tournament the tiebreaker will be the heaviest fish. Tournament fees/ Payout 1. There is an entry fee for tournaments of $30.00 a boat. The $30.00 fee will be collected by the club treasure at each tournament.  2. The club will pay out 80% of the $30.00 that was collected and the 20% goes back to the club. Please see pay out scale.  3. The Biggest fish pot will be $10.00 per boat with 100%  paid back 

Guests/Substitutes 1. Guests are permitted to participate in one tournament when they show interest in joining the club. Guest pays no entry fee, has no opportunity to win pot or placement points.  2. Guest can participate in Big Fish at the $10.00 fee if they choose. 3. All guests/substitutes must sign the tournament waiver form before fishing. 4. If you and your partner start to fish the tournament season, you need to stay together due to the points system. You are allowed to have a substitute for two tournaments per team through the year.  5. If your partner drops out or you never had a partner you may have the same substitute more than twice with a $10.00 fee for each Tournament starting at the third substitution or the person may choose to join the club.(Cannot be in the points running for this to be an option.) 6. If your partner quits the club you can ask another member of the club to team up with you as long as they have not fished more than 3 tournaments.  The team will take on the point placement of the lowest team points.  

7. If there are members of the club that aren’t fishing for points he/she can be used as substitute. 8. If two teams split to form new team/teams.  The new teams will take on the point placement of the lowest team points. Example: Bob is 4th in points and Doug is 8th in points. And they want to be a new team they will start at 8th place in points. 9. Any family members are allowed to fish as a partner. (Example-Father may use son/daughter for one tournament and a son/daughter for another tournament.) But they must be a member of the club, with membership dues paid for the year before the Fishing Expo in February. 

10. Family members may substitute for a team for two tournaments.  There will be a $10 fee for the third tournament or they may become a member. 11. If serious incident occurs that is going to affect your team, you must notify the club president immediately. He then will contact all club officers for them to make a decision as to what needs to happen and see if you will be allowed a change your team without losing points. Points/Club Recognitions The club will use the following points system for awarding points at each tournament.  1. Each boat that arrives to the launch site, pays fees, has live well check, launches their boat and is present to begin tournament qualifies for points. 2. If you do not notify an officer that you will be late to a tournament, then you will receive no points for the day. (This is for the safety of our members to account for all teams’ safe arrival to the tournament.)   Points  

1st Place—150 

2nd Place—145 

3rd Place—140 

4th Place—135 

5th Place—130 

6th Place—125 

7th Place—120 

8th Place—115 

9th Place—110 

10th Place—100 

Each placement starting at the 11th will reduce point total by 5 points. 

1. 5 extra points will be given to the team with the biggest fish.  2. If you do not catch any fish at the tournament you will get last place points for that tournament. 3. Each team will also receive 1 point for every fish weighed in up to 5 points. Club Recognitions 1. Biggest Fish a. Biggest Fish results for each tournament will be documented. b. Biggest Fish of all tournaments will be given the Biggest Fish award for the season (fish must be alive) 2. Team of the Year 3. Member of the Year 4. 1st Place Tournament Champions a. Based on Points b. Maintained and determine by Tournament Director 5. 2nd Place Tournament Champions a. Based on Points b. Maintained and determine by Tournament Director 6. 3rd Place Tournament Champions a. Based on Points b. Maintained and determine by Tournament Director  

 Events Each member is responsible for supporting all club events/fundraisers 1. Chicken BBQ (fundraiser) 1. There will be 5 dedicated members to work this event. 2. All other members are asked to support this event by advertising the BBQ to family and friends. 2. Fishing Expo 1. At least one member of each team needs to attend each day of this two day event. 2. If a team member has a booth in the Expo the other member is responsible to work the event. 3. All member are asked to support this event by advertising 3. Kids Fishing Day 1. At least one member of each team need to attend this event 2. All member are asked to support this event by advertising 

 Article IV—Officers  Election and Eligibility 1. There will be no election of officers unless an officer gives up his office, Or unless a member has an issue that changing an officer is required. At that time an election and vote will be done to replace the officer. 2. Any member in good standings may run for any office he/she wishes. Vacancies 1. Any vacancies for any officer will be filled upon a special election, held within 5 days of any officer removed or have withdrawn from the club.  Officers to be elected 1.

President—Douglas W Fitzgerald—For Life of the Club 2. Tournament Director 3. Club Treasurer Officers to Appointed by the club President. Officer Duties President 1. Provide the members with leadership and oversees the club meetings 2. Appoints and oversees committee chairman and club representatives. 3. Votes on club matters at the discretion of the club members. 4. Maintains the order of the by-laws and interprets their meaning for the best interest of the club. 5. Directs the organization of the tournament schedule in assistance with the club tournament director. 6. Responsible for accounting and disbursements of club funds.

 Tournament Director 1. Assists in the organization of the year’s tournaments dates and locations. 2. Measures and weighs all fish with club approved scale and calls weight to the recorder. 3. Acts as safety director, and approves all boats for tournament acceptance. 4. Checks live-wells prior to the start of each tournament. 5. Will maintain the confidentiality of all club business 

Club Treasurer 1. Oversees the Augusta County Bass accounts with the assisted of the President, collect all membership fees, updates the treasure report on the web site. 2. Votes on all club business. 3. Assists in setting up club meeting agendas with the club president. 4. Act as club conservation director. 5. Responsible for accounting and disbursement of club funds in the event the president is unavailable.  6. Also responsible for the checking the club treasury.   7. Collects tournaments fees.  8. Will maintain the confidentiality of all club business    

Club Photographer 1. Responsible for taking photos at club tournaments and event functions. 2. Provide digital copies to AC Bass webmaster.         

 Article V—Code of Conduct  Club Member is expected to represent the club in an ethical and positive manner at all times. Examples of unacceptable conduct include unsafe boat operation, lack of boating/fishing courtesy and sportsmanship, failure to attend meetings, tournaments, events, sharing confidential club business with others and failure to abide by state fishing and boating regulations.             Article VI—Changes and Updates  The By-Laws may be changed during the month of November. No changes after the November meeting unless it is in the best interest of the club. Additions to the by-laws because of the importance may be addressed at any club meeting during year. Any changes/addition must be presented in writing to the Club President before the end of October. All items require a 2/3 vote of all club members present. (Proxies are allowed). UPDATED 2018